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"Best earplugs you'll ever find!"

These earplugs are a great value. I've tried many earplugs at different decibel ratings. Earplugs rated for up to 32 decibels are usually very expensive. I've spent more than this just to get a dozen earplugs with a 32 decibel rating and these work at least as well if not better. They definitely do the job. And they have a money back guarantee so what do you have to lose? I highly recommend.

K.Y. Krawczyk - verified purchaser

"Blocks sound from annoying neighbors"

Totally saved my life, I work Sundays and my bedroom faces annoying neighbors. Every Saturday night they either are having a party or just letting their dogs bark nonstop. I called the cops and they continue with the noise. I thought that I was going to loose my mind until I purchased these ear plugs, they are comfortable to sleep in and block noise better than anything else I have tried. I even started to wear them during the week nights to block the sound of my wife's snoring.

Nathan - verified purchaser

"Best ear plugs I have ever tried! Would give it 6 stars if I could!"

I work from home in LA and it's always very noisy, especially now that there is construction going on right across the street! Even with the windows closed it was very hard for me to concentrate and get any work done during the day.

At first I was skeptical that something like ear plugs could be this effective at blocking out noise, but I am very glad I got these! They are super comfortable and I can't hear anything when I have them in!

Claudia Castro - verified purchaser

"Squeeze the tips so that they look like a pin and insert them into the ear"

Squeeze the tips so that they look like a pin and insert them into the ear. They spread out and fill the ear cavity. Comfortable, and you know when someone is talking to you (good for safety reasons) but you can't hear what they say unless they scream. Use for reading in a room with other people who are talking, or studying in the same atmosphere, or to block out snoring.

Leslie - verified purchase

"I am so glad I found these! They work great!"

I live in a noisy apartment building and have several neighbors who stay up late partying and it has been a real nuisance. I can hardly sleep many nights and it was just about to make me move, even though I love my apartment and this neighborhood.

I had tried ear plugs in the past and they were ok, but nothing special. I saw these and they really stuck out to me as I loved the unique packaging. Plus I saw the 60 day guarantee so I figured i would give them a try. Turns out it was a great decision! These are very soft, easy to put in my ears, and they do a great job at giving me peace and quiet even when my neighbors are partying!! I will be a customer for life.....

Richard Iglesias - verified purchaser

"..they work better than I expected."

"The earplugs were delivered by the date given to me when I placed the order. To give an accurate evaluation I will have to wait until I have used them a little longer. I have used them every day for a week and they work better than I expected. They are also very comfortable. Can only think of good things to say about them so far. I believe they will continue to perform to the level that I need."

Raymond K. - verified purchaser

" an amazing job at giving me peace and quiet"

As a full time college student it can be very challenging at times to be able to study and write papers with the amount of noise coming from my room mates. I was very surprised with how soft and comfortable these ear plugs are and how well they stay in my ears. Not only that but they do an amazing job at giving me peace and quiet, even with a party going on in the other rooms of our house!

J.M. - verified purchaser

"You don't even know you are wearing them"

The best ear plug I ever used. They are very comfortable. You don't even know you are wearing them. They cut out all unwanted noise. I will never use another type.

Amazon Customer - verified purchaser

"..killer deal since I use them regularly."

I tried these ear plugs after they were recommended to me by a good friend after I told them I had trouble sleeping and found ear plugs just too expensive (5 paris for $6 at Walgreens). These ended up working perfectly.

No, I knew it was what I needed however they were always too expensive until now.

These included 50 PAIRS for $16 which is a killer deal since I use them regularly

Edgar Sanchez - Purchased


Awesome! These ear plugs came in the mail in no time, but the exciting discovery was just how good they are! I had no idea that I have been using sub-par ear plugs until I started using these. I will be dedicated to these from now on! Excellent experience.

Lisa - verified purchaser

"Best earplugs ever."

I asked my hubby to give these a try the other day while our youngest decided to run around the house screaming for fun. These ear plugs were so comfortable that hubby had forgotten they were still in 30 minutes later. He was super impressed at how they blocked the noise so he could work. He said these were the best ear plugs he had ever used. We were provided a bottle of ear plugs at a discounted rate for our honest review.

Thaleia from Something2Offer - verified purchaser

"I can finally read again"

Frankly, I wasn't sure earplugs were going to work for me. My Mom lives with me (I'm her care-giver) and she loves television. I love to read. The volume is so loud, I can't concentrate on my book. So I wind up watching more TV than I like.

I tried the earplugs to see if it would help me be able to concentrate better. OMG, I can read again. Even when she had the TV up to 60+!

Tried listening to my headphones and music, but still get a distraction. This is the first time I've been distraction free while reading in the living room with Mom.

Cenay Nailor - verified purchaser

"These work great. You do need to use them correctly"

These work great. You do need to use them correctly, roll them in your fingers to make them smaller then insert them all the way in and hold until they expand. I have a neighbor outside my window that has been hammering on his roof for what seems like two years now early in the morning. When he wakes me up I put these in and wake up hours later.

Rick H. - verified purchaser

"Super Fliexible!"

This is the ultimate pack of ear plugs. Fifty pairs to be exact! I need ear plugs for all kinds of things. For my family and I to use in the pool, to use when using loud machinery when working around the house, at my spin class ;). The list goes on and on. As soon as I opened the container I twisted them to make sure they were flexible enough to fit into my ear and it is ultra flexible. I can squeeze them down ultra thin which is exactly what I was looking for with one of my ear canal being extremely smaller than my other. It is a challenge to even use q tips in that ear, but I was able to fit this ear plug with ease. I highly recommend these ear plugs. They definitely met all of my needs.

Allanafl - verified purchaser

"I am now sleeping like a baby.."

I have had to sleep in the guest room because my husband's sleeping is so loud. I could even hear him across the hall from the guest room.

I love these earplugs. They are very comfortable. I am now sleeping like a baby and am back in our bedroom. I will be ordering this product again.

Patricia Moffitt - verified purchaser

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